Simplify Your Saturday And Your Whole Weekend


I don't know about you, but I am going to guess your weekdays are filled with the responsibilities of jobs, family, chores and any number of personal commitments. This often leaves my weekend looking like the catch-all for whatever didn't get done during the week. How often do you relish in a weekend free of commitments and open to whatever you want to do? It doesn't happen as often as I'd like, but I'm working on it and improving. Life doesn't always follow a seven-day schedule like our calendars and I know a busy week can push overflow to the weekend. It's unavoidable. However, I have learned to carve out some time, to take a deep breath and gather my thoughts. I've rushed into a busy weekend too often with a thousand "must-do" items in my head and have learned to take some time to gather my thoughts and organize them a little makes things easier.

The perfect time for me to carve thinking space is early Saturday morning. I'm an early riser, and the morning hours are always calmer and quieter to me before the day starts. It's the perfect time to sit down and reflect on my past week, what I expect to accomplish over the weekend, and what I can realistically tackle.

More often than not, my Saturday morning will start with a simple breakfast right away, or a cup of coffee or tea as I sit on my living room sofa with the large balcony window curtains open to bring in the light of the new day. I open my laptop or take out a journal and pen, turn on relaxing music (often a streaming ambient music station from the internet) and process my thoughts.

What I have to process varies each week. I might find myself creating a list of to-dos and schedule for the weekend, or journaling or sketching. The important part of all this is to carve out that time to be with myself in the quiet and peacefulness that allows me to process my thoughts before turning on the adrenalin for the rest of the weekend.

Surprisingly, I often find in this space that I might have things I thought I "had" to do over the weekend, but in reality, can be deferred indefinitely or removed completely from my list. I may also find myself reflecting on things I'm grateful for, or daydreaming of things to come. This is "me" time and sets a calmer tone for me to have a less complicated weekend, even if I do have to address some of the week's overflow.