A Long Winter Funk


I think I'm finally getting out of the funk I've been in the past month. Since I live in Chicago, there's a very strong possibility my mood is attributed to what's been a cold, snowy, gray winter that's felt longer than winters in years past. Gray skies and rainy weather days don't often affect my mood, and I usually like them as cozy days for art projects, old movie favorites, comfort foods, coffee, and reading. However, the days have been accompanied by what I consider excessively cold temps lingering for such long periods that I kept myself indoors more than usual. I think Cabin Fever set in without me noticing and ultimately created my funk of routine, boredom and sometimes melancholic attitude.

What I see as the break in my unsatisfactory mood comes from a string of social activities the past few weeks getting me out of the condo. I attended a friend's guitar recital at a local craft brewery. I attended several very inspirational volunteer events. I also attended some live theater and a terrific performance of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra featuring women composers.

The external activities have been the key to helping me break the funk of a long winter. And I think I've learned a lesson to keep it from happening again. When my calendar starts looking empty during the winter, I need to schedule experiences that get me out and around others. A cozy day indoors when it's cold and snowy out is ok once in awhile, but as the saying goes, "too much of a good thing" is not always good.