Uncomplicating Life Online


As I wrote the title for this post I had to laugh. Isn't one life enough to manage let alone an online one with a few different personas? They're the same guy, but I think as a creative person, I split myself up a little online and that can get complicated. When it comes to my online presence, I'm on facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, instagram, tumblr, etsy, this job and my Guncle Gifts shop. And I have multiple personalities on some of those sites. No, I'm not suffering split personalities like the famous Sybil of the '70s, but I do segment myself in a few ways: tech career guy, traveler, e-commerce projects, and my everyday self.

There's "me" on etsy, but there's also me the "guncle" on etsy. Same goes for facebook, instagram and twitter. I have a personal account on each of those and also a persona for my guncle gift business.

By now, my head is boggled just writing all this down. And it has been the last few days, driving me to uncomplicate my online life in a couple simple ways.

Ways I'm simplifying online

Continue with my Guncle Gifts business as it's own persona, including maintaining stores where I sell and social media accounts on instagram, etsy, twitter and facebook. That doesn't sound very uncomplicated, but my Guncle Gifts business is a persona of its own and I think it's valuable to maintain that as it's own entity in social media rather than as part of my personal self.

Personal creative projects I put online won't use a separate "brand" name. I've tried over the years to create separate entities for my creative work and it usually leads to where I am today. It's too much work to keep it all separate and doesn't really benefit by being separate.

Take advantage of cross-posting from within apps. Instagram has a great feature allowing you to choose to post to facebook, twitter and tumblr. I keep a presence on each of those for Guncle Gifts, so I use this feature for those accounts. And I usually post to Instagram before facebook, so those posts go to my facebook feed. No app hopping needed!

Use Buffer to schedule posts across social media channels. Buffer is a cool tool that lets you set up your social media accounts within it so you can create a post and have it scheduled to go live immediately, or at a later time and date, across any of the social media platforms you've given Buffer access to. This is helpful when I'm reading through my rss feed of blog posts and find things interesting I want to share. A quick hop to Buffer and I can drop the link in with my comments to post later.

All this might not sound simpler, but even a couple small changes have made a big impact on how much time I have to spend managing myself online.