A Slow Start to the New Year, but Not an Unproductive One


A slow start doesn’t mean an unproductive start! I closed out 2018 with hours of time in Quicken closing out my household accounts, my Mom’s accounts and transitioning Treasurer duties for my condo building to our new Treasurer.

On top of the “home” finance stuff, the holiday season brought a ton of activity to my online shops on Etsy. I answered messages from buyers and continued to research ways to streamline and grow my business. I even squeezed in some new designs after Christmas that have turned out to be successful and now need more attention to grow and market.

So, 2019 has been a slow start for me regarding personal goals outside of growing my online business. Last year proved my design ideas can be successful and I’m happy to spend more time on them.

Life outside of the fun business stuff has focused on one main project, which is to move our household from Chicago to Evanston, IL. There are many personal reasons for the move, primarily my desire to live in a smaller city and escape some of the urbanity of big city life I’ve grown tired of over the years.

I need to take some time to reflect on goals for personal growth and in what areas I want to focus on. Health and wellness are always at the top of my lists, as well as simplifying my life in terms of how I do things; what possessions I keep, and how I organize things that use my personal energy (friends, work, material things, etc).

2019 is rolling in with enough excitement to carry me for a while, so I’m going to keep from getting over enthusiastic with the addition of lots of new projects and goals. The start of a new year for me is not much different than for man people I’m sure. I reflect some on the past year and get excited to do new things in the new year. Only this year, I vow to be reasonable in my plans so I accomplish them.