Change Your Route And Change Your Perspective


My morning commute can play out a few different ways depending on weather and how soon I leave the house in the morning. I choose a combination of subway, bus and walking, maximizing the walking if time and weather permits. I've recently started taking a new route that dramatically changes my literal perspective as well as my personal approach to the day. Chicago has done an amazing job of developing the riverfront with pedestrian walkways, park-like areas, bistros, cafes, and bars. I decided today to leave early enough to hop off my usual bus several stops early and walk the riverfront towards my office building. It turns out the walk from the bus to my building is a straight shot entirely along the river!

The “walk” became a “stroll” because I had probably 95% less pedestrian and auto traffic around me compared to my usual routes. I also took my time along the walk to take photos. The day was overcast and covered with low hanging clouds adding a bit of atmosphere to the photos I took. I played this up with some phone editing with an iPhone app.

Enjoy the view through my pics from Chicago’s Riverwalk between Michigan Avenue and Canal Street.