Exercise Without A Gym


I've never been a guy who enjoys his time in a gym. I don't hate it, but it usually feels more like an obligation than fun. There are days I'm more excited about it than others, but I'm hoping the addition of exercise outside of the gym via fun activities like hiking, walking and biking will give a good balance to keep me motivated and consistent. I feel like moving my body should be something I do every day, not only on days I get to the gym. Most health and wellness experts would probably agree. Now to find ways to make that happen!

I live about 5 minutes from a wonderful stretch of lakeshore parks, trails and beaches here in Chicago. There's a great dog beach I like to go to and watch the dogs play. It's a little more than a mile and a half away, so about three and a quarter miles round trip walking. It's a beautiful walk along the lakeshore when the weather is nice.

Unfortunately, the weather hasn't been very accommodating for a lakefront walk until recently. Our winter cold temps have stuck around well into April and have only started to warm up. I took advantage this weekend with a couple walks to get in some exercise outside of the gym.

There's something about fresh air and sunshine that embraces all the clichés about it. Especially after a long winter! And my walk this morning was no exception, even with the brisk and chilly breeze off the lake. Some fresh brewed coffee from home and a good jacket to break the wind allowed me to stay warm enough to enjoy the walk and capture amazing wave action on Lake Michigan.

What do you do outside of a gym to move more in your daily life?