Save Time for Christmas with Online Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is something I don’t mind doing until I get to the checkout lane. Or until I go looking for something on my list (yes, I do make a list!) and it’s out of stock.

My latest trials of online grocery shopping have proven to be big time savers for me. It’s especially useful during this busy time of year. I find myself doing a better job menu planning too since I’m placing an order online for delivery.

I live a connected life combing Apple, Amazon and Google products and services. As an Amazon Prime member, there are benefits for shopping that include groceries. You can sign up for their “fresh” program, which gives you free delivery for unlimited online grocery shopping orders a month for about fifteen bucks. I signed up for a free 30-day trial and it was very convenient. But, I don’t need to make that many grocery orders in a month for only 2 of us.

Amazon Prime includes a “prime now” feature that lets you order just about anything through Amazon and get free 2-hour delivery if your order meets the minimum total. Currently, that’s $35 for an online grocery order, or you can pay $4.99 for delivery. That still includes a 2-hour delivery window.

Since I don’t grocery shop enough to justify the “fresh’ monthly option, I have been using prime now to do basic online grocery shopping. I easily reach the minimum with a decent order and save myself the time in a grocery store, and the struggle of carrying everything up four flights of stairs once I get home since delivery is to my doorstep.

I also have several amazon echo devices around my home. It’s very convenient to say “Alexa, add milk to my shopping list” and it appears in a shopping list in my account, making it super easy for me to pick what type of milk I want and add it to my cart without having to reference a grocery list I have elsewhere, then search for milk.

The selection has been decent so far, but there are always a couple things Amazon may not have available, which means I still make a quick stop now and then at a grocery store. I’m fine with that since I’m usually only walking out with 1 bag of groceries instead of a cartload.

Have you used an online grocery shopping service? What has your experience been like? If you haven’t tried a service yet, now is the time to give it a shot! Amazon isn’t paying me to write this post. As a “prime” member, they’re my go-to for trying out new services like online grocery shopping.